Section 115 Evidence Act 2011

Section 115 Evidence Act 2011

Section 115 Evidence Act 2011 is titled ‘Contents of affidavits‘. It is under Part V (DOCUMENTARY EVIDENCE) of the Act. It states as follows:

(1) Every affidavit used in the court shall contain only a statement of facts and circumstances to which the witness deposes, either of his own personal knowledge or from information which he believes to be true.

(2) An affidavit shall not contain extraneous matter, by way of objection, or prayer, or legal argument or conclusion.

(3) When a person deposes to his belief in any matter of fact, and his belief is derived from any source other than his own personal knowledge, he shall set forth explicitly the facts and circumstances forming the ground of his belief.

(4) When such belief is derived from information received from another person, the name of his informant shall be stated, and reasonable particulars shall be given respecting the informant, and the time, place and circumstance of the information.

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